Agata Frątczak

About me

My first job taught me momentum and a completely new approach to design. In the second one, I participated in designing a hotel with hundreds of rooms and other similar investments around the world. It was a quick course in technical and formal aspects, knowledge of which is still useful to me today. I founded the Madama studio several years ago with my partner. Today I run them alone, although every day in my studio in the center of Warsaw I am accompanied by a small group. We have completed hundreds of projects since the beginning of our activity. When it comes to working on behalf of companies, it was, for example, the first Facebook office in Poland, cooperation with Philip Morris or the Foundation of the Institute of Cardiology. In addition, there are numerous projects of apartments and private houses. Agata Frątczak, Madama


At work, I combine a purely practical approach with reaching for what inspires and moves me. Personally, detail and nobility of materials are important to me. From the customer’s point of view, especially the business one, the most important thing is the overall effect achieved on time, as well as its compliance with all standards. Years of work and the list of our returning customers show that these two approaches can be combined.